Breaking Point
Season: 5
Episode: 17
Original airdate: March 14, 2018
Written by: Sharon Lee Watson
Directed by: Terry Miller
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Profiles
Next episode: Ghosts


When a prominent Alderman known for his urban revitalization efforts is killed, Intelligence looks into the corruption haunting his neighborhood. Meanwhile Olinsky feels pressure after receiving an ultimatum from Woods.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Mark St. Cyr as Arthur Burton
  • Pam Mack as Investigator Hale
  • Jim Cantafio as Investigator Starkey
  • Taylor Mallory as Darius Brown
  • Kathy Scambiatterra as Medical Examiner Ruth Dwyer
  • David Lowenthal as Rudy Finnegan
  • Ayanna Bria Bakari as Rochelle Moret
  • Ernest Perry, Jr. as Reginald
  • Lindee Katdare as News Reporter
  • Ashley J. Dearborn as Elderly Woman #1
  • Deonne B. Wright as Elderly Woman #2


Background information and Notes

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