Chicago Fire (Season 2)
Network: NBC
Original run: September 24, 2013 - May 13, 2014
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Feel The Heat.

–Chicago Fire Season 2 tagline

Chicago Fire season 2 premiered on September 24, 2013 and concluded on May 13, 2014 on NBC.


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Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cf21 2.01 (#25)
A Problem House
An arsonist takes notice of Severide as new red tape causes big changes in the department. September 24, 2013
Cf22 2.02 (#26)
Prove It
The threat of an arsonist with a vendetta against the firehouse looms and Casey struggles with the repercussions of Heather Darden's accident. October 1, 2013
Cf23 2.03 (#27)
Defcon 1
Severide is convinced he knows the arsonist's identity. October 8, 2013
Cf24 2.04 (#28)
A Nuisance Call
Internal issues threaten to derail Engine Company 51. October 15, 2013
Cf25 2.05 (#29)
A Power Move
The future is uncertain for more than just Boden and Firehouse 51. October 22, 2013
Cf26 2.06 (#30)
A physical workout turns mental for Severide. November 12, 2013
Cf27 2.07 (#31)
No Regrets
The firehouse is tested to the limits when called to the scene of an epic railroad accident and Boden ponders his future. November 19, 2013
Cf28 2.08 (#32)
Rhymes With Shout
Drive-by shooting hits close to home for Cruz and his brother. November 26, 2013
Cf29 2.09 (#33)
You Will Hurt Him
Boden is left to wonder where things stand for Firehouse 51 as McLeod exerts her influence. December 3, 2013
Cf210 2.10 (#34)
Not Like This
The firehouse is set to close, but 51 is not going down without a fight. December 10, 2013
Cf211 2.11 (#35)
Shoved in My Face
Casey gets back to work after his brush with death. January 7, 2014
Cf212 2.12 (#36)
Out With a Bang
Casey forges ahead at the firehouse despite signs that he may not be fully recovered from his harrowing accident. January 14, 2014
Cf213 2.13 (#37)
Tonight's the Night
Firehouse 51 steps in when a blackout causes chaos in the community. January 21, 2014
Cf214 2.14 (#38)
Virgin Skin
Despite the mystery surrounding katie, life moves forward at the firehouse. February 25, 2014
Cf215 2.15 (#39)
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Despite his frustration, Severide remains hopeful that justice will be served. March 4, 2014
Cf216 2.16 (#40)
A Rocket Blasting Off
With Keeler's whereabouts unknown, the men of Firehouse 51 are looked at as prime suspects. March 11, 2014
Cf217 2.17 (#41)
When Things Got Rough
A Chicago civilians heroic action hits the firehouse in more ways than expected. March 18, 2014
Cf218 2.18 (#42)
Until Your Feet Leave the Ground
Away from the action, new bonds form and old ones strengthen. April 8, 2014
Cf219 2.19 (#43)
A Heavy Weight
Firehouse 51 struggles in the wake of a recent tragedy. April 15, 2014
Cf220 2.20 (#44)
A Dark Day
An explosion at a Chicago hospital rocks the city. April 29, 2014
Cf221 2.21 (#45)
One More Shot
Change is on the horizon at 51 , but forgetting the past can be hard. May 6, 2014
Cf222 2.22 (#46)
Real Never Waits
A call to a boarding school leaves Severide questioning himself and Dawson's training is put to the test. May 13, 2014

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