Cole Cooper
Name: Cole Cooper
Profession: Criminal Sniper
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by a police sniper
Portrayed by: Michael C. Williams
First episode: FBI: Crossfire
Last episode: FBI: Crossfire
Cole Cooper is a spree killer and criminal sniper who appeared in Crossfire.


Cooper was a decorated U.S. Army Ranger who suffered a mental breakdown after his girlfriend, Emily Wagner, died of melanoma. After bouncing from job to job, he met Kofi Seifu, an illegal immigrant from Somalia who lost his father to deportation and suffered physical and emotional abuse for much of his life. Cooper took Kofi under his wing and eventually convinced to assist him in a killing spree that targeted locations associated with his old life.

Despite Bell's attempt at negotiating with him, Cooper was shot and killed by a police sniper after he attempted a mass shooting at a church.


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