Season: 1
Episode: 14
Original airdate: May 5, 2020
Teleplay by: Jerome Hairston
Story by: Gina Gionfriddo
Jerome Hairston
Directed by: Ken Girotti
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Grudge


When a father and son bank robbing duo escape from a prison transport van on their way to trial and pick up where they left off, the team must hunt them down before they steal enough money to escape the country. Also, Jess draws on his own personal history to profile the duo’s father-son dynamic.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Jenson Smith as Bethany Hogan
  • Tyshon Freeman as Larry Green
  • Ashanti J'Aria as Colbie
  • Caroline Hewitt as Celeste
  • Amy Lynn Stewart as Agent Kilday
  • Jonathan Stewart as Lieutenant Thomas
  • John Long as Ronald Mattingly
  • Omar Perez as First Guard
  • Brian Faas as Male Employee
  • Lily Yin as Hostess
  • Nikki Casseri as Hostage


Background information and Notes


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