Grasping for Salvation
Season: 4
Episode: 20
Original airdate: April 26, 2017
Written by: Tiller Russell
Directed by: David Rodriguez
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Last Minute Resistance
Next episode: Fagin


While investigating the murder of a teenage boy, Voight finds a connection with the murder weapon - linking it to a case that he worked on 17 years ago. While the victim's father, a prominent defense attorney, tries to get the case taken over by Area Central Homicide, Voight digs back into the old case under the watchful eye of his former partner, Lieutenant Denny Woods.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Celeste Cooper as Medical Examiner
  • Jennifer Grace as Janine
  • Sean Cooper as Ballistics Tech Maury Kerr
  • Nickolas Loquercio as Eric Scalise
  • Annie Fitzpatrick as Gloria Dowd
  • Peyton Wilson as Carol Scalise
  • Brooke Breit as Records Clerk
  • A.C. Smith as Superintendent


Background information and Notes

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