Joseph Finnegan
Name: Joseph Finnegan
Profession: Kidnapper
Status: Imprisoned
Portrayed by: Kevin Nagle
First episode: FBI: Family Man
Last episode: FBI: Family Man
Joseph Finnegan is a kidnapper who appeared in Family Man.


He was a friend of Gary Lynch who was running for election of senator. When Joe's son, Sean was arrested on drug charges, he tried to reach out for Gary to get his son out of his miserable life. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts with Gary's senatorial campaign, Gary was unable to help and Joe's son committed suicide in prison.

The death of his son drove Joe to his breaking point so in an act of revenge, he hired thugs to kidnap of Gary's daughter, Gracie and hold her at ransom for $100 million.

After a long investigation, the FBI connected Finnegan to the kidnapping. The child was eventually rescued and Finnegan was arrested.


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