Khalid Barhom
Name: Khalid Barhom
Profession: Terrorist
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Omar Adom Zidan
Portrayed by: Jonathan Avigdori
First episode: FBI: Green Birds
Last episode: FBI: Green Birds
Khalid Barhom is an Islamic terrorist affiliated with ISIS, who appeared in Green Birds.


Barhom was a subject unsuccessfully tracked by Omar Adom Zidan during his time in the Middle East, having been linked to many gas bombings in Syria and Iraq. He and Nita Kayali, an associate of his in the U.S., later brainwashed a group of disenfranchised teenage girls and directed them to poison food served at delis and farmers' markets with tetrodotoxin, as part of a terrorist campaign meant to affect the entire U.S. In order to remove loose ends, Barhom had many of the brainwashed girls fatally poisoned without their knowledge.

The FBI managed to thwart many of his planned attacks and eventually identified him as the mastermind. Barhom was tracked down at a pier, where Zidan shot and killed him before he could kill a hostage.


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