Mark Benjamin
Date of birth: 1947
Active: 1973-present
Role: Film Director
Show(s): Inside the FBI: New York

Mark Benjamin (born 1947) is an American documentary filmmaker best known for the Sundance TV series "Brick City" and the feature film "Slam". His most recent television series, "Chicagoland" aired on CNN in 2014.


Over the last 40 years Mark Benjamin has built his reputation through an allegiance to film and television. Director cameraman Benjamin has created numerous independent films, eight Bill Moyers documentaries, six National Geographic films and ten films for HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC, TBS, and the Discovery Channel. Benjaminʼs first filming assignment was the war in the Middle East in 1973 where he was a combat cameraman for NBC News in the Sinai Desert. In 2009 and 2010, Benjamin served as Executive Producer and Director of "Brick City", a Peabody award winning and twice Emmy nominated docu-series on Sundance Channel.

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