Nadia Decotis
Name: Nadia Decotis
Alias(es): Stella
Profession: College Student
Intelligence Unit Administrative Assistant
Marital status: Single
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Murdered by Greg Yates
Portrayed by: Stella Maeve
First episode: P.D.: Now is Always Temporary
Last episode: P.D.: The Number of Rats

Nadia Decotis was an administrative assistant for the Intelligence Unit in Chicago P.D..


Nadia was an 18-year-old prostitute and drug addict whom Erin Lindsay arrests for prostitution. Lindsay promises that she can get Nadia a fix and takes her to a clinic and reminds her she has a choice but Nadia doesn't go into the clinic.

In episode Different Mistakes, Nadia calls Lindsay for help, Lindsay gets her a rehab placement but once again Nadia didn't go. In episode Turn the Light Off, Nadia is one month clean of drugs and goes undercover with Burgess as an escort however she is forced to do a line of cocaine to protect her and Burgess`s cover.

In season 2, Nadia works as the Intelligence Unit's Administrative Assistant by answering calls at the precinct and running errands. She has formed a very strong bond with Lindsay, her roommate and savior.

Nadia went to school and was studying Criminology with plans to become a police officer, aiming for Intelligence. She was later abducted, raped & murdered in the Chicago P.D. and Law and Order SVU crossover episode by serial killer Dr. Greg Yates. She was found on an island that also contained many other bodies that Yates and his former colleague killed. Those episodes are on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.


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