Now is Always Temporary
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Original airdate: January 29, 2014
Written by: Denitria Harris-Lawrence
Directed by: Mark Tinker
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Chin Check
Next episode: Thirty Balloons


More is learned about Halstead's dislike of the Rodiger family and it's family relationships all around as Olinsky shows a paternal side with his daughter Lexi in an attempt to protect her and as Voight's trying to help his son who has recently been released from jail. Meanwhile the Intelligence Unit investigates a counterfeiting operation after discovering some high end cloth-like paper. Sergeant Platt sends Atwater and Burgess to arrest a hoarder where they discover more than just clutter.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Tom Hickey as Secret Service Agent Joe Hill
  • Tara Mallen as Renee Evans
  • Molly Pan as Lissa
  • R. Charles Wilkerson as Pastor Mike
  • Alina Taber as Lexi Olinsky
  • Lucas Marx as Brayden
  • Don Forston as Phil Rodiger
  • Matthew Sherbach as Lonnie Rodiger
  • Steve O'Connell as Dean Masters
  • Alexis J. Rogers as Principal Brenner
  • Kevin Michael Doyle as Commander Steve Burtt
  • Brendan Samuel Sullivan as Gareth Evans
  • Tim Vaughn as Glenn Ward
  • Howie Johnson as Sgt. Conroy
  • Paige Smith as Adam Mazur
  • Frank Meo as Paramedic
  • Michael McCracken as John
  • Marvin Cruz as Bouncer


Background information and Notes

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