Pain Killer
Season: 6
Episode: 17
Original airdate: March 27, 2019
Written by: Timothy J. Sexton
Directed by: Nicole Rubio
Episode chronology
Previous episode: The Forgotten
Next episode: This City


A mayoral candidate is shot by an unidentified sniper, and CPD races to catch the shooter before he can take out his next target.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Tania Richard as Leticia Tatum
  • Nate Faust as Mike Rankin
  • Keante Smith as Malcolm
  • Ric Walker as Security Guard
  • Joey Burke as Heckler
  • Norm Woodel as Landlord
  • Steve Wojtas as SWAT Sniper
  • Cisco Cotto as Reporter
  • Bryan Christopher as Reporter #2


Background information and Notes


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