Partners in Crime
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Original airdate: February 12, 2019
Written by: Claire Demorest
Directed by: Jean de Segonzac
Episode chronology
Previous episode: A New Dawn
Next episode: Exposed


Maggie and OA are on a mission to find a couple who are behind a spree of violent armed robberies that resulted in the death of an off-duty police officer.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Lexi Lapp as Julia Parker
  • Phoebe Torres as Katharine James
  • Ras Enoch McCurdie as Oliver West
  • Jessica Krueger as Jackie Glenn
  • Lily Du as Lily Sheldon
  • Michelle Liu Coughlin as Bank Teller
  • Amelia Fowler as Bank Greeter
  • Edwin Lugo as Adil Najarian
  • Nate Richman as SWAT Leader Dan
  • John Halas as Allan
  • Michael Blas as Hostage (Chef)
  • Danielia Maximillian as Crying Hostage


Background information and Notes


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