Season: 1
Episode: 8
Original airdate: March 17, 2020
Written by: Elizabeth Rinehart
Directed by: Fred Berner
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Ghosts
Next episode: Reveille


When a domineering man and his girlfriend embark on a terrifying multi-state killing spree, the team races to find a pattern behind the deranged couple’s seemingly random acts of extreme violence. Also, Jess worries he’s being left out of Tali’s life when he finds out his daughter has already won an award at school.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Lindsay Mushett as Emma Jennings
  • Bill Winkler as Whitt Cornell
  • Jason Dietz as Ed Lane
  • Colin Wulff as Beau Parsons
  • Elizabeth Loyacano as Jenny Hargrove
  • Megan Quinn as Madison Hargrove
  • Tom Ukah as Detective Sheridan
  • Jamal Thomas as SWAT Leader
  • Carolina Do as Trooper Ava James


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