Some Friend
Season: 4
Episode: 6
Original airdate: November 9, 2016
Written by: Timothy J. Sexton
Directed by: Mark Tinker
Episode chronology
Previous episode: A War Zone
Next episode: 300,000 Likes


After receiving a complaint from a frustrated neighbor, Burgess and Officer Sorensen arrive to the house of baseball player Jake McCoy, and find the dead body of a 16-year-old girl, Maya Collins. There is conflict within the case as Intelligence learns that Olinsky and McCoy are friends, and McCoy admits that he was helping Maya and other girls try to escape the sex trade. Meanwhile, Burgess and Sorensen track down a thief who turns out to be a cop with a rocky past, and Lindsay gets a mysterious flower delivery that may be tied to her past.


Main Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars


  • Calvin Evans as Saint
  • Katie Monds as Alicia Meyers
  • Sophia Ntovas as Marley McCoy
  • Malkia Stampley as Vicky Metzler
  • Larry Neumann, Jr. as John Dolan
  • Karin Anglin as Alexa Grant
  • Scott Duff as Mr. Jones
  • Johanna McKenzie Miller as Sharon McCoy
  • Kenneth Raskin as Manny
  • Kristy Acosta as Waitress
  • Richard Esteras as Clerk


Background information and Notes

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