Stepan Tsarko
Name: Stepan "Snake" Tsarko
Profession: Human Trafficker
Status: Imprisoned
Portrayed by: Stan Demidoff
First episode: FBI: Prey
Last episode: FBI: Prey

Stepan "Snake" Tsarko is a human trafficker, serial rapist, and serial killer who appeared in Prey.


Tsarko was the leader of a sex trafficking ring that targeted girls from his native country of Ukraine, luring them in and bringing them to the U.S. for the purposes of offering sexual services to clients. He would kill any girl that rebelled against his instructions and then bury them in a remote part of a New York forest. The activities of the sex trafficking ring were eventually exposed after one victim, Hailey Nuriyev, survived being attacked by Tsarko and escaped.

Tsarko was apprehended through a sting operation conducted by Valentine. He was then convinced to give up the location of his remaining captives after Bell told him that his trial would expose his crimes and sexual deviancy to a wealthy, powerful Russian oligarch who unknowingly funded his lifestyle.


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