Thirty Balloons
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Original airdate: February 5, 2014
Written by: Craig Gore
Tim Walsh
Directed by: Karen Gaviola
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Now is Always Temporary
Next episode: Conventions


Atwater and Burgess are given a new patrol car, but are challenged with keeping it brand new. A run in with a psychotic woman leads the Intelligence Unit to discover a drug smuggling operation which has put several girl's lives in peril. Voight's overprotective act with Lindsay leads her right where he doesn't want as she also helps to keep Justin out of trouble. Meanwhile on stakeout, things get tense between Olinsky and Ruzek as Olinsky tries to teach him the finer points of surveillance.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • David Aron Damane as Maurice Owens
  • Emily Peterson as Wendy
  • Hannah Toriumi as Amber Morris
  • Karin Anglin as Doctor Parker
  • Rich Komenich as Store Owner
  • Danica Monroe as Kathy Morris
  • Krenee A. Tolson as Shelly Bates
  • John Kishline as Gavin Collins
  • Chris Redd as Carl
  • Dennis Grimes as States Attorney McPherson
  • Celeste Cooper as Medical Examiner
  • Ashleigh LaThrop as Young Woman
  • Tom Lowell as Worker
  • Danielle Rizzo as Sarah Hines
  • Eric Lynch as Police Officer


Background information and Notes

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